25 popular florida shrubs with photos

in florida, flowering bushes, shrubs, trailing vines, and evergreen plants all come together to add beauty to landscapes and gardens. a lot of shrubs that thrive in shade or sun are perfectly suited to grow in florida’s humid and hot climate. florida shrubs can be challenging to grow if you’re new to the area as

5 types of boxwood shrubs

one of the most popular shrubs in the garden, boxwood is identified by its attractive green foliage. also known as box or buxus, (buxus sempervirens) these plants are a reliable choice for foundation planting or hedging. there is also a wide variety of specimens to choose from. there are over 70 different types of boxwood

26 types of roots your trees, flowers, and shrubs can have

the root system is the non-leafy part of your plant’s body that doesn’t have any nodes. it’s the part of your plant that is below the surface of the soil, unless they’re aerial roots. aerial roots are types of roots that grow above the ground or are aerated and float over the surface of the

ultimate guide to growing burning bush

an attractive ornamental plant, burning bush is a deciduous shrub native to asia. popular in north american landscapes for its dense multi-stemmed appearance, the common name of these slow growing shrubs is inspired by the red flame-like appearance of its foliage during the fall months. while the main attraction of the burning bush (euonymus alatus)

19 low maintenance shrubs for your garden

whether you’re planting more shrubs into your front yard landscape or putting in a new shrub bed, getting low maintenance shrubs are a must in today’s packed schedules and busy homes. low maintenance shrubs are beautiful options that require very little shaping or pruning, bloom reliably, are disease and pest resistant, and do well in

21 best shade bushes for your yard

shade bushes are a diverse addition to your yard, and they can easily inject interest in color in a darker corner of your forest garden. these shade bushes range from tall hedges to shorter bushes, and they can be deciduous or evergreen. some bushes will produce blossoms while others have gorgeous foliage to display. they’re

21 small flowering shrubs to brighten up your landscape

small flowering shrubs like lilacs can be a welcome addition to a well-designed residential landscape project. they offer texture and shape to your space with their branches and leaves, and small flowering shrubs produce a spray of spring or summer color that can attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. where you have flowers, you also

how to grow a butterfly bush 

the butterfly bush is an elegant specimen known for its long panicles of colorful flowers. flowering from spring until late summer, as the name suggests the plant draws scores of butterflies. it also attracts hummingbirds and numerous other pollinators into your garden. sometimes known as the summer lilac or buddleia, the evergreen butterfly bush is

ultimate guide to growing lilac bush

the lilac bush (syringa vulgaris) is an attractive deciduous shrub that flowers in mid to late spring. an attractive ornamental plant that thrives in a range of different planting schemes, a lone lilac bush can be used to provide a focal point in the garden. alternatively, a couple of plants can also be used to

how to grow and care for spirea

spirea is one of the most popular and versatile flowering shrubs you can add to your garden. many varieties have attractive foliage as well as flowers, providing interest for most of the growing season. easy to care for, spirea is a great plant for beginner and expert gardeners alike. they can be grown in many

how to grow bay laurel

bay laurel is an elegant ornamental plant. sacred to both the greeks and romans, the plant is best known for its pungent foliage, which is commonly used as a culinary seasoning. originating in the mediterranean, bay laurel is commonly grown as a sun loving evergreen shrub. if allowed to, these plants can grow into surprisingly

25 long-lasting bushes with flowers to fill in your space

bushes with flowers provide structure and color to your yard, and you can use them as hedge plants, groundcovers, or as nice focal points to draw people’s eyes. it’s very easy to fill your garden with ornamental shrubs that will start blooming in the early spring months and continue well into the fall until the

how to care for mock orange shrubs

prized for its late spring blooms and citrusy aroma, mock orange is an attractive addition to the ornamental garden. a reliable deciduous shrub, as the name suggests mock orange (philadelphus coronarius) is not a true orange plant. like the orange jasmine plant, the name is inspired by the plant’s citrus smelling flowers. a versatile plant,

28 best evergreen shrubs for landscaping your yard

if you live in an environment that experiences four seasons with a colder winter period, evergreen shrubs can add dots of color in an otherwise dreary and dull landscape. they make very low-maintenance landscaping ideas, and you can choose from a huge range of styles and types. for example, some of them will produce eye-catching

30 most common types of bushes

there are several different types of bushes that you can plant around your yard or incorporate into your landscape design. many people call bushes and shrubs small trees, and you can make a tree look like a shrub if you take the time to train and prune them correctly. most types of bushes are full,

how to grow azalea

a blooming azalea shrub is one of the nicest sights of spring. sometimes called the royalty of the garden these plants come in a range of colors and sizes. consequently the azalea is considered a great way to add early season interest to an outdoor space. newcomers to growing azalea plants will be pleased to

how to grow and care for boxwood shrubs

boxwood shrubs are a great way to add structure to your garden. a series of boxwood plants can be grown to create hedging. alternatively single plants can be grown in selected positions to add a sense of definition to a space or area. box plants are primarily grown for their foliage. this can vary between

how to care for hydrangeas – how to grow hydrangea shrubs

an increasingly popular garden plant, hydrangeas are an attractive addition to any garden. quick growing, some hydrangea varieties will happily grow to 15ft. hydrangea shrubs are a great way to fill space in a garden or add definition to spaces and edging. flowering from early spring until early fall hydrangeas can also be a foundation

how to grow comfrey plant: care, types & growing tips

the comfrey plant is one of the most useful plants to grow in an organic garden. if you are interested in taking care of our planet, its people and wildlife, and creating a way of life that is truly ethical, green and sustainable, this is one plant to include in your growing scheme. in this