13 couch fabric types that are easy to maintain

no matter which type of sofa or chair you currently have in your home, someone is going to use it at one time or another. this means that you need a good fabric to cover it that will make them last a long time while avoiding stains. there are many couch fabric types available, but

11 types of lamps for your living room

think of all of the ways we use types of lamps in our homes. they have to work in a range of different scenarios. for example, your room could be the perfect place to host a movie marathon on your projector before you transform it into a place for doing homework, reading, or playing a

25 popular types of living room chairs

there’s nothing quite like the feeling of sinking into a soft, deep, comfortable chair. however, everyone has a chair preference, and there are many types of living room chairs available to suit everyone’s tastes. they all come with different designs, functions, styles, colors, and sizes that makes it easy to mix and match to get

22 types of couches outlined

when you move into a new home, one of the most exciting aspects is picking out your design style and finding complementary furniture pieces. there are several types of couches and sofas to choose from, and this can make it a challenging task. when you try to make decisions between lawson-style sofas, sectionals, or a

best firewood rack for your home

if you like to burn firewood, you’ll need a firewood rack to keep it contained before you use it. many of today’s firewood racks don’t look much different than they did years ago, and many of them have a durable metal design. no matter if you want one for indoor or outdoor use, a high-quality

21 fun room organization ideas

room organization hacks and ideas are a dime a dozen. if you do a quick google search, you can easily get flooded with a sea of room organization ideas. so, how do you know which ones are worth diying and which ones you should buy? how do you know which ones will work best for

how much does it cost to install carpet?

it’s no secret that the cost to install a carpet can vary greatly from home to home and even room to room. the size of your space, the quality of your carpet, and even the professional carpet installer you hire can all heavily influence your budget. still, as useful as it is to know all

how to install and maintain shag carpet

the right carpet can add style and beauty to your lovely home. soft, luxurious shag carpet, will serve as the beautiful backdrop for the rest of your room. although it is an excellent option for nearly any space (excluding the bathroom and kitchen of course) it can take a beating. it will get a lot