30 beautiful garden path ideas

a walkway is a necessary part of the garden. it should be both practical and functional. but it can also be attractive, enhancing the planting scheme and surrounding space. a path affects how a garden is experienced. you can use it to map out a journey, highlight key features or showcase a certain area. the

6 pretty and unique aquascaping ideas

what 2022世界杯欧洲入围名单 is to potted plants, aquascaping ideas are to aquariums. rather than having clam shells or brightly colored gravel, people use their aquascaping ideas to create art with driftwood, rocks, substrate, and live plants or fish. this is starting to gain in popularity very rapidly, and the fact that this isn’t a hugely difficult

20 popular types of grass with photos and facts

do you think grass is just grass? if so, you may not know that there are a few different types of grass available blanketing lawns all over the united states with their own maintenance, textures, benefits, and requirements. also, depending on where you live, you’ll have more luck growing a specific type of grass than

how to grow a balcony garden – the best plants, ideas and tips

if you live in an urban city, it can be challenging to find enough space to carve out a garden. so, you’ll have to get creative with the limited space outside you have, like window boxes, porches, patios, or a balcony garden. if you’re someone who only has a roof terrace or balcony, it can

30 types of ornamental grass for your landscape design

for stunning visual impact, strength, and nearly nonstop performance in your garden, we suggest considering planting types of ornamental grass. unlike turfgrass or lawn varieties, ornamental grasses are meant to let grow without mowing or cutting them, and most are far too tall to be ground covers. once you start adding various types of ornamental

13 popular retaining wall materials

a retaining wall is a structure that you use to provide lateral support to a soil mass. this means that the soil mass on different sides of your wall gets retained at different levels, and this is why your retaining wall materials are so important. you use retaining walls to bond two soil loads on

how to build a wattle fence

a classic piece of garden infrastructure, the wattle fence has been used for centuries to contain areas and animals. a popular ingredient in victorian style gardens, this ancient form of fencing utilizes natural materials, in particular the saplings of pliable, native trees such as willows, to create a sturdy and elegant barrier. if you want

15 types of koi for your pond

koi fish are also called jinli or nishikigoi, and the name literally translates to brocaded crp. they are the colored types of koi, and the species is cyprinus rubrofuscus. these fish are commonly seen in outdoor water gardens or in koi ponds to add pops of color and movement. the japanese have identified multiple types

how to create your own living fence

a living fence is a great way to introduce both security and privacy to an area. not only does a living fence provide an attractive ornamental addition to the garden, it can also provide food and shelter for a myriad of garden animals and insects. not a new idea, the increasingly popular living fence is

how to install chain link fence – step-by-step guide

for many people, having a fenced-in yard is high on the priority list, especially if you value your privacy. it can also help to keep your kids and pets safely contained in your yard while keeping any animals in the neighborhood out. a chain link fence is a great type of fence to have, and

20 different types of gardens

gardens come in a range of shapes, sizes and colors. from small windowsill boxes to sprawling flower gardens or productive vegetable gardens there are many different types. here is a list of some of the most productive, versatile or beneficial types of gardens. many of the gardens outlined here can be adapted for either a

best wood burning kit to create garden signs

garden signs can be necessary to have if you want to keep track of everything you plant, and this is especially true in larger operations. it can get very expensive to buy multiple garden signs, but you can easily make your own with a few pieces of scrap wood and your own wood burning kit.

best privacy screen to create a backyard oasis

your backyard should be a place where you can go, relax, and enjoy the view. but, this can be difficult if you have close quarters and neighbors that can see into your space. instead of building an expensive fence, you can add a privacy screen or two around the border of your yard. if you

the best backpack sprayer

looking for the best backpack sprayer? growing a vegetable garden to help feed your family is a rewarding hobby. planting rows of tasty tomatoes, luscious lettuce, and herbs can pay off big when it’s time to harvest them. having a garden is great if you have the space for it, but you need the tools

best lawn edger to keep your walkway tidy

getting a sharp edge on your lawn can be critical to helping it look neat and tidy throughout the year, and this is especially important if you have walkways or paths through your yard or garden. a lawn edger takes a lot of the work away from trying to keep the grass down and your

best outdoor chalkboard to keep your garden organized

anyone who has a larger garden can tell you that it can get extremely confusing when you try to keep everything organized. this is especially true when it comes time to plant and everything looks the same. the best outdoor chalkboard can be a huge plus in helping  you stay organized. you can get a

the 10 best backyard greenhouses to grow plants all year long

if you live in a region that experiences four seasons, you may not be able to grow plants or vegetables all year round without having a backyard greenhouse on hand. the cold or freezing temperatures can easily kill plants come mid-fall, but your backyard greenhouse can effectively shield them and give you the power to

10 bog plants to help filter your garden pond 

garden ponds can bring a unique beauty to your yard and give you a place to relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature. adding plants to your pond can increase its beauty and bog plants can help filter the water to keep it clear and more appealing to fish and other creatures who may call

vegetable garden layout ideas and tips to maximize space in a small garden

let’s face it: everything tastes better when it’s freshly picked.  growing your own vegetables is a great way to get outside, stay active, and feed your family delicious, nutritious veggies all summer long. it’s an amazing summer hobby that will leave you happier and healthier.  but what do you do if you don’t have a

how to make a butterfly garden

wondering how to make a butterfly garden? butterflies are admired for their bright colors and graceful movements. butterflies are not just attractive insects, but they can help pollinate plants. if you’d like to see more butterflies around your yard, you should consider starting a butterfly garden. a butterfly garden does not just attract butterflies to

how to plant a bee garden – design, flowers, and more

with many bee species becoming endangered, more and more gardeners are opting to keep our buzzing friends in mind when planning out their gardens. i know that my concern for the declining bee population has had an impact on my plant choices in the past few years. bees are so incredibly important to our ecosystems

16 pretty foundation plants to increase your home’s security

some of the best foundation plants you can pick out are low-growing evergreen shrubs that provide both visual appeal and a little more security. they work well planted right around your home’s perimeter, and they can enhance your home. the foliage and the shorter heights on these foundation plants work wonderfully to enhance your landscaping,

17 clever diy outdoor privacy panels to fence in your yard

it’s wonderful when you have a backyard garden or gorgeous deck or patio where you can go out and relax or have quality time with family or friends. however, you may want to consider outdoor privacy panels to ensure you have enough privacy to sit back, relax, and unwind after a long day. creative privacy

18 pond plants to fill in your water garden or pond

if you have a pond in your yard, no matter the size, do you have pond plants? if the answer is no, it could be a great time to consider adding them. pond plants are interesting, gorgeous, and they can be relatively easy to keep healthy when you get them into your pond. they can

18 beautiful vertical garden ideas

if you’re someone who loves to garden but you’re short on space, a vertical garden can allow you to scale it down to fit in virtually any space inside or outside of your home. creating a vertical garden such as a plant wall is a great way to incorporate flowers, vegetables, herbs, or other plants

20 creative backyard garden ideas to spruce up your space

when it comes to your backyard, everyone has a host of different needs and thoughts on backyard garden ideas. will you design and maintain your backyard garden ideas yourself or hire someone to come in and do it for you? do you want a setup that changes from year to year or something that stays

best pond pumps to keep your pond clear and clean

having a pond can add something special to your garden, and moving water can be downright enchanting when you have time to sit down and listen to it. however, there are a few parts and a lot of maintenance that quietly goes on in the background to ensure that your pond stays fresh and clean,

21 cheap landscaping ideas for design on a budget

did you know that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to spruce up your front door or landscape to boost your home’s curb appeal? there are dozens of cheap landscaping ideas that you can incorporate into your own yard that can give you an expensive look while being budget-friendly. you can even

20 dwarf evergreen trees for your landscape

if you’re looking for something small to fill in your front yard landscaping that gives you visual interest all year-round, dwarf evergreen trees are a great option to consider. they have virtually no maintenance needs except moderate watering, and this allows them to look nice without adding a lot of stress on you to constantly

14 best outdoor garden fountains – stunning garden water fountains

the soothing sound of water flowing and moving has been a very desirable feature in gardens, and this is why many people choose to put in a pond. however, this can be a large undertaking, so you could opt for a simple garden fountain instead, and you won’t need many pieces or parts to get

25 beautiful landscaping rocks ideas

when you want to create a backyard that is a mix of practicality and beauty, try incorporating landscaping rocks. using elements you find in your local landscape helps to add originality or authenticity to your design, and landscaping rocks come in several sizes and shapes that allow you to create unique areas throughout your yard.

45 best front yard landscaping ideas

aside from your home’s location, curb appeal is one of the biggest things that will help dictate your home’s value. coincidentally, your front yard landscaping is a key element that will make or break your home’s curb appeal. the front yard is the very first impression people get of your home when they walk up

what is the average landscaping cost to transform your yard?

done right, landscaping can easily help improve your home’s curb appeal and value. additionally, landscaping can take on many different forms, from installing shrubs, trees, and a lawn to creating walkways, ponds, gazebos, and walkways. unfortunately, this also means that you’ll deal with a broad price range when you try to figure out your landscaping

cost to install stone veneer to give your home a facelift

stone veneer offers you a character and beauty for your home’s look that is very difficult to match, and this can help you justify your cost to install stone veneer siding. stone veneers are durable, beautiful, and you can pick from several colors and styles to match your home’s style or boost your curb appeal

how much does a greenhouse cost to build and maintain?

a greenhouse is one way to grow your plants all year round for food because it helps shield them from the elements while allowing sunlight to stream in and warm the interior. your greenhouse cost can fluctuate depending on the size, material, location, and the type you pick out, but most greenhouses have a sturdy

how to build a gabion wall (+ pros and cons)

one of the best all-around hardscape elements perfect for just about any landscape is the gabion wall. a gabion wall consists of individual gabions, which are metal wire or mesh cages filled with rocks then arranged in a specific way to create the desired structure. when executed correctly, they not only serve a practical purpose

how much does a pool fence cost to make your yard safer?

a residential inground pool is a wonder stress reliever, and it creates a very nice place to entertain any guest you have over. however, you’ll want to know what the average pool fence costs because these same pools can present a danger to any pets or kids that may happen to wander by them unsupervised

how much does a koi pond cost to install and maintain?

adding any type of pond to your landscaping in your backyard can be a beautiful and relaxing addition. the sound of water trickling and the tranquility the pond lends to the atmosphere make it a very attractive feature for yards of every size, and it can get you wondering about the average koi pond cost.

how to plant a moon garden: design, layout, and plant selection

the sun is one of the plants’ required food sources, one of three they need to survive, grow, and reproduce. they also need it for photosynthesis, which is the chemical reaction that converts carbon dioxide and water into the oxygen we need to live and breathe, and the glucose that results in energy-giving carbohydrates for

how much does a land survey cost and why get one?

as a homeowner, it’s important to know where the boundaries or edges of your property are and where other people’s property begins, so you may be considering a land survey. this is common to do before you put up a privacy fence, or if you’re just curious where, exactly, your property lines end. your land

how to build a dry creek bed: design and installation guide

today we’re going to talk about dry creek beds, which consist of different types and sizes of non-organic rock, making them a hardscape element. plants can be added to and around a dry creek bed, and usually are, making for a visually complementary hardscape/softscape combination. landscape is a term that refers collectively to the two

chain link fence cost for installation and maintenance

better known as a cyclone fence, hurricane fence, diamond mesh fence, or a wire mesh fence, a chain link fence is a very popular and inexpensive choice to help you box off your yard while giving your flowers support for a trellis garden. for this fence, you get a mesh made out of a thicker

how much does a retaining wall cost?

retaining walls are an excellent way to xeriscape your yard, and they serve both decorative and practical purposes that can help you justify the retaining wall cost that comes with the initial installation and maintenance price tag. if you have issues with soil erosion or drainage, a property with a lot of hills and valleys,

how much does a privacy fence cost?

if you want to increase the privacy and relative safety of your yard and your landscape edging ideas aren’t sturdy enough, you may start looking at a privacy fence cost. as a bonus it can also boost your home’s curb appeal and provide protection  for your green space or garden from the wind or other

24 evergreen ground cover plants to add year-round landscaping interest

an evergreen ground cover plant is a fun and unique way to add interest all year-round, especially if you live in cooler climates where most of your plants die off in the fall. they can help to lower your yard maintenance, suppress weeds, and they fight erosion to help keep your yard looking healthy and

23 autumn trees to add splashes of color to your landscape

did you know that several different types of trees give you gorgeous colors in the fall months? many autumn trees give you something all year-round. this can be lush and full looks in the spring and summer before shifting to a brilliant display of color. for example, a maple tree is an excellent source of

24 stunning lily varieties to add to your landscape design

no matter which lily variety you choose, they work well in cottage, containers, perennial, and cutting gardens. they can make a striking statement in woodland fringes and in naturalized meadows as well. they are flowering perennial bulbs that easily multiply once you establish them, and they create a garden or flower bed that is very

26 annual flowers for gorgeous landscaping designs

annual flowers are types of plants that only grow for a single season. they can grow from spring well into the fall, and they die off when the freezing weather comes along. they won’t grow back in the spring unless you plant them again. this is a direct difference from perennial flowers where a small

28 best evergreen shrubs for landscaping your yard

if you live in an environment that experiences four seasons with a colder winter period, evergreen shrubs can add dots of color in an otherwise dreary and dull landscape. they make very low-maintenance landscaping ideas, and you can choose from a huge range of styles and types. for example, some of them will produce eye-catching

how to kill grass to clear your yard – 14 methods and products

have you wondered how to kill grass? if so, you’re not alone. although it may seem counterproductive, knowing how to effectively kill grass and take your yard back is a skill you’ll want to have. maybe your lawn is overrun when weeds or you want to start over with artificial grass to lower your yearly