16 stylish types of ceiling lights

many people don’t give a lot of thought to the types of ceiling lights in their homes, but they’re critical for helping you create the correct atmosphere and ambiance in your house. picking the correct type of ceiling light can also make your room usable or not, and you need to ensure that your light

27 types of ceilings to consider for your home

we know, usually, the last thing you put a lot of thought into when you’re remodeling your existing home or adding an extension is the ceiling. to most people, the ceiling isn’t anything special. instead, it’s just there. we know that they’re an important piece of your home, but you rarely think about them. however,

ceiling fan alternatives to keep you cool

ceiling fans work well to keep your home’s internal temperatures down during the summer months without spiking your cooling costs, they’re distracting, noisy, and they can be unattractive in your home. they can also be very difficult to clean if you have vaulted or higher ceilings. so, if you’re someone who is looking for a

15 basement ceiling types to finish the space

earlier, it was very common for people to add attic spaces and basements to their homes to give themselves more storage space. as the years went on, the extra rooms slowly started transforming into more places for activities. today, it’s very common to have a finished basement, including the basement ceiling, that works like an

what is the cost to install ceiling fan to keep your room cool?

a ceiling fan is a mechanical fan that attaches directly to your ceiling and hangs down to provide air movement and ventilation to the surrounding area by rotating the blades. since a ceiling fan can help you cool down a room and save on energy costs at the same time, many people wonder what the

how much does a drop ceiling cost?

when someone talks about a drop ceiling, they’re referring to a secondary ceiling that you hang below your main ceiling, and it’s more commonly called a suspended acoustic ceiling. it’s a nice way to cover damaged or stained areas in your ceiling, hide ductwork, hide wiring and plumbing pipes, or improve a room’s acoustics, and

how to wire a ceiling light correctly

so you want to learn how to wire a ceiling light? it’s a pretty straightforward process – assuming you are prepared to follow instructions and safety guidelines. it is a handy skill to possess. knowing how to wire a light gives you the opportunity to take your decorating shenanigans to another level. feel free to