how to grow haworthia fasciata

haworthia fasciata is one of the most reliable and attractive types of succulent. like many succulents, it is the foliage that is the main attraction. the thick leaves of haworthia fasciata are typically dark green in color and are marked with horizontal zebra-like stripes on the outside. while the outer surface is dappled with white

30 beautiful garden path ideas

a walkway is a necessary part of the garden. it should be both practical and functional. but it can also be attractive, enhancing the planting scheme and surrounding space. a path affects how a garden is experienced. you can use it to map out a journey, highlight key features or showcase a certain area. the

how to grow a curry leaf plant

the curry leaf plant or murraya koenigii is an elegant, small bush or tree commonly grown as a culinary herb. the main attraction of murraya koenigii is the pinnate foliage which comprises of many leaflets. the leaves, at their best when fresh, emit an aromatic, spicy scent. adding further attraction, in addition to the pungently

how to propagate a snake plant 

the snake plant, also known as sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue is one of the most popular houseplants. easy to grow and maintain, they are just as easy to propagate. learning how to propagate a snake plant is a useful skill for a number of reasons. propagation can be used to rejuvenate an aging or tired

23 beautiful trees with purple flowers

you can enjoy the unique pop of color that trees with purple flowers offer on any landscape, even if you have a very small yard that requires more compact or dwarf cultivars. the trees with purple flowers on the list offer shades of violet, purple, lavender and more, and they can contrast nicely with the

19 apple tree diseases and how to treat them

keeping apple tree diseases in check is a basic part of proper care for your fruit trees. there are dozens of diseases that can attack your apple trees, and they vary from bacterial infections to fungal infections and viruses. some apple tree diseases will only cause superficial damage, but others can be devastating once they

how to care for and grow the balloon flower

balloon flowers are also known as platycodon grandiflorus, and they’re clump-forming perennials that are a member of the bellflower family. however, the blooms don’t look like bells. instead, you’ll get balloon-like, puffy buds that will swell to produce two or three inch star-shaped flowers. this easy-growing plant will produce blooms throughout the summer months with

red peace lily growing tips and care guidelines

red peace lilies are a very common houseplant because they’re beautiful and very easy to grow and maintain. at times, this plant can be very temperamental, but once you know how to care for them, a red peace lily makes a fantastic addition to any collection of houseplants. below, you’ll find everything you need to

how to care for and grow the moon cactus

the moon cactus is a cacti that you can find growing in south america’s deserts in paraguay, argentina, and brazil. it’s a member of the cactaceae family, and it’s a succulent plant that is also called the star flowered cactus, ruby ball cactus, and the red cap. when the moon cactus reaches maturity, it will

6 pretty and unique aquascaping ideas

what 2022世界杯欧洲入围名单 is to potted plants, aquascaping ideas are to aquariums. rather than having clam shells or brightly colored gravel, people use their aquascaping ideas to create art with driftwood, rocks, substrate, and live plants or fish. this is starting to gain in popularity very rapidly, and the fact that this isn’t a hugely difficult

20 popular types of grass with photos and facts

do you think grass is just grass? if so, you may not know that there are a few different types of grass available blanketing lawns all over the united states with their own maintenance, textures, benefits, and requirements. also, depending on where you live, you’ll have more luck growing a specific type of grass than

how to grow a balcony garden – the best plants, ideas and tips

if you live in an urban city, it can be challenging to find enough space to carve out a garden. so, you’ll have to get creative with the limited space outside you have, like window boxes, porches, patios, or a balcony garden. if you’re someone who only has a roof terrace or balcony, it can

30 cheerful shrubs and trees with yellow flowers

landscaping your backyard with shrubs and trees with yellow flowers can boost your property’s aesthetic value. low-maintenance varieties are a nice investment, and they give you years of enjoyment. no matter if you want to increase your privacy, boost the shade cover, or cover an eyesore, you can find the best shrubs or trees with

how to increase nitrogen for plants – 9 ways that work

garden soil is layers and layers of vitamins and nutrients that all work together to nourish and grow your garden. nitrogen for plants is one of the most essential nutrients to worry about as a deficiency will show in your plant’s growth patterns and coloring very quickly. if you think you have a nitrogen deficiency

how to care for the umbrella plant

schefflera is a big tropical plant genus that has two species that form stunning tropical houseplants. the bigger version is called the schefflera actinophylla, or the umbrella tree or umbrella plant. it has shiny, long, oval-shaped green leaves that will droop from the central stalk to look like an umbrella. a mature umbrella plant can

best terrarium plants for an open terrarium

terrariums are seeing a huge wave of popularity recently, and you can easily find internet galleries packed full of eye-catching setups behind glass. a lot of terrariums feature a sealed design to give you a steamy junglescape, but open terrariums are also extremely popular, especially when you start looking for terrarium plants. open terrariums are

how to grow japanese maple – growing guide, photos, and tips

with a huge range of colors, sizes, and leaf shapes, it’s difficult to get an accurate description of the japanese maple, but these attractive trees offer a refined growth habit that make them a welcome asset to your yard or landscape. this tree is known for the finely-cut, lacy leaves, stunning fall coloring, and very

growing lentils guide – how to grow lentils in your garden

lentils are considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods available. they come packed with dietary fiber and protein, and many people believe that they are a superfood. growing lentils dates back to ancient times, and it was one of the first crops to be domesticated. in common religions like judaism, lentils are very

16 types of gnats – facts, identification, and how to get rid of them

it’s extremely annoying when you find gnats living in your home. gnats feed and breed around moist soil, so this is why they often end up in  your house uninvited looking for food, especially if you’re someone with many houseplants. additionally, each type of gnat has a different personality and common habitat, so you can

18 flowers that mean death or mourning

flowers play a huge role at funeral rituals in different religions and societies. the language of flowers is called floriography, and the victorians formalized it. most flowers that mean death and mourning pulled their modern symbolism from this era. however, the links between flowers and death existed far before this period, way back in ancient

22 tropical types of palm trees – photos and facts

when you think of palm trees, you think of warm and sunny climates, tropical beaches, and gorgeously landscaped gardens. you recognize different types of palm trees by their feather or fan-shaped fronds and fiber-covered stems or trunks. most types of palm trees prefer to grow in warmer planting zones. however, there are some species that

best watermelon varieties – growing tips and photos

when you think of the taste of summer, you think of different watermelon varieties. there’s few things that are more satisfactory than biting into a ripe slice of watermelon on a hot day. it may surprise you to learn that watermelon comes in a host of more varieties than you get in the traditional supermarket,

how to grow and care for the croton plant

you’d be hard pressed to find a houseplant that matches the vivid and striking looks of the croton plant. when you look for beautiful, bright, multicolored houseplants, this ones’ broad, glossy green leaves are splattered or striped with yellow, orange, red, cream, black, or pink coloring. the croton plant is native to australia and southeast

how to grow an almond tree 

elegant and attractive, the flowering and fruit producing almond tree is a fabulous addition to the garden. interestingly, the almond tree belongs to the same family as many other fruit trees including apricots, cherries, plums and peaches. a versatile addition to the garden, the almond tree (prunus dulcis) is believed to be native to central

20 beautiful purple plants for your garden

purple plants are a great way to add color to the garden. whether you choose to plant annuals or perennials that return every year making them a reliable, colorful investment, purple plants help to make your garden a naturally soothing space. calming the soul and clearing the mind purple plants come in many different shades

how to grow dragon fruit plant

one of the most distinctive flowering fruit trees, the dragon fruit plant is a large climbing specimen that belongs to the cactus family. producing elongated, thick succulent-like branches it is hard not to notice a dragon fruit plant. sometimes called night blooming cereus, pitaya or strawberry pear, the dragon fruit plant is popular for its

25 white flowering trees – facts, photos, and growing tips

are you searching for white flowering trees? there are dozens of white flowering trees you can add to your landscape design that offer spring, summer, and fall blooms. white hued flowers work to brighten up the garden day in and day out, and some will produce smaller and more delicate flower clusters while others offer

how to grow and maintain the dragon scale plant

the dragon scale plant looks like something straight out of a fairytale with textured, shimmering foliage that actually looks like it was made out of granite. this pretty plant is a great addition to your houseplants, and even though it has some care demands, it’s easier to grow than many alocasias. we want you to

21 types of wasps – facts, photos, and descriptions

it can be difficult to identify different types of wasps, just like it’s easy to get confused with bees. not only are there dozens of types of wasps around that look very similar, but you can have several types around your home at the same time. however, wasps tend to be much more aggressive than

ivy plant care – the complete guide

if you’re after a houseplant that is easy to care for, ivy is a fantastic option. ivy plant care is generally very straightforward, and it’s a hardy plant that can thrive indoors with the correct conditions. in this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about ivy plant care to ensure yours does

how to grow and maintain the pawpaw tree

the pawpaw tree is a deciduous species that yields the biggest fruit native to north america. this plant is part of the annonaceae family, and this is the biggest family in the magnolia order and it has mostly tropical plants. however, the pawpaw tree is native to the eastern portion of the united states, and

16 types of spatulas and popular uses

spatulas originally started as versatile cooking tools, but just like any other utensil from spoons to forks to bowls in a more modern kitchen, they’ve slowly become specialized. now, there are several types of spatulas on the market available in different materials that you use for various cooking things. these differences are much more than

16 popular herbs that grow in shade – facts and photos

herbs are aromatic and savory plants, and many people grow them from their fragrance, flavoring, and medicinal uses. most herbs do very well with little maintenance or intervention from you, especially herbs that grow in shade. they need less fertilizer and water than many other garden plants, and they’re usually free of pests. since herbs

how to distress wood – 17 easy techniques

distressed wood makes it look like it’s old and weathered, and it gives it a homey, rustic apparel with texture. in some lumber stores, you can purchase salvaged wood that is called barn wood, and it gets salvaged from old barns that have been through many years of weathering. however, if you were to go

25 popular florida shrubs with photos

in florida, flowering bushes, shrubs, trailing vines, and evergreen plants all come together to add beauty to landscapes and gardens. a lot of shrubs that thrive in shade or sun are perfectly suited to grow in florida’s humid and hot climate. florida shrubs can be challenging to grow if you’re new to the area as

22 best peperomia varieties

peperomia varieties are old favorites that have gone in and out of style dozens of times over the years, and they’re currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity. this smaller plant is great for modern living spaces, and they can do well on a shelf, desktop, or windowsill. it’s a diverse but beautiful family that is

25 early spring flowers – care tips, photos, and facts

after winter’s dreary gray and brown hues, it’s exciting to see those colorful early spring flowers pop up. perennials, annuals, and shrubs will all start to show their finest come springtime, and this is how you know winter is gone for the season. mother nature may be much more fickle than we’d like in march

how to grow a cardamom plant at home

did you know that cardamom is one of the most unique and expensive spices in the world? if you live in a humid, warm climate or in planting zones 10 to 12, you can grow a cardamom plant. you can plant new seeds inside and let them get a headstart for a few months so

how to water succulents 

visually attractive and more distinctive than other, more traditional, houseplants, cacti and many succulent plants are an increasingly popular choice for homes and offices. this is largely because, in addition to their unique appearance, these plants have a reputation for being low maintenance and easy to care for. many succulents are drought tolerant and often

how to grow queen of the night flower 

a stunning cactus, the queen of the night flower (epiphyllum oxypetalum) is popular for its large, sweetly fragrant blooms. as the name queen of the night suggests, these distinctive spider-like blooms open in the late evening, after the sun has set, filling the early night air with its distinctive fragrance. also known as the orchid

10 plants that reduce humidity 

looking for plants that reduce humidity? humidity in the home can make a space feel uncomfortable. too much humidity can also cause damp or mold to develop as well as turning fabrics musty, surfaces clammy and causing wallpaper to peel away from the walls. finally, too much humidity may also affect your health, causing respiratory

25 flowering fruit trees 

flowering fruit trees are a great way to add interest to your garden. colorful and fragrant, these specimens also provide a reliable way to introduce shade and privacy to open spaces. many also produce edible fruit, providing further benefits. the following flowering fruit trees are some of the most attractive. 1 apple delicately colored apple

15 types of holly bushes

one of the most iconic winter plants, the glossy green leaves of the holly, with their fine serrated edges or spiny teeth, and colorful berries are instantly identifiable. but did you know that there are numerous types of holly bushes? a reliable evergreen, all types of holly bushes and trees belong to the ilex genus.

16 easy vegetables to grow in pots

even if you have a small yard or no yard at all, this doesn’t mean that you can’t garden. you can easily pick out the best vegetables to grow in pots and start a small container garden on your patio, porch, or balcony. you can grow virtually any vegetable you want in a container, but

20 types of bees you can find in your garden or yard

bees are vital to the ecosystem balance around the world, and they help pollinate a huge amount of flowering plants, vegetables, fruits, and nuts grown throughout the united states. most people picture the common honeybee when they think of bees that pollinate these plants, but honey bees are actually only a very small segment of

24 hoya varieties – care tips, facts, and photos

hoyas are beautiful and strange plants to see and have as a houseplant, and it’s quickly gaining in popularity. besides the pretty foliage, flowers, and fragrance, many hoya varieties make excellent plants for beginners. they do have a reputation for being finicky, but there are some easy-grow varieties available. hoya varieties are very diverse, and

16 best herbs for a herb container garden

if you’re someone who likes to use fresh herbs to season your meals, it’s hard to beat growing your own. most herbs require little care or nutrients to survive, and a herb container garden can fit nicely on your windowsill. not only that, but herbs can keep producing year-round. cultivating your own herb container garden

40 types of drinking glasses for your kitchen or bar

drinking isn’t all about the drink you choose, but it’s also about the experience you have, and your type of drinking glass will play a huge role. if you want to relish your experience to the fullest, having the correct types of drinking glasses on hand makes all of the difference in the world. from

partial shade perennials – growing tips, fact, and photos

everyone loves a sunny and bright garden with bold flowers, but shady gardens can also be stunning. partial shade perennials have delicate, exotic looks with bold colors, and some come with cool names. you should always pick plants that work in your hardiness zone and double-check to ensure that your partial shade perennial can handle